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Branch Meeting - 22 Oct. 2016

Meeting Minutes – 22/10/2016

Agenda Discussed:

1.       Welcome to new members – Welcome Kits distributed.

2.       Discussion on upcoming event on GST.


2.1   To invite all business community people in seminar.

2.2   Preferred Hindi Speaking speaker.

2.3   Do program on big scale – Venue Town Hall.

2.4   Team to  Handle GST Event : Nittin Mehta, Sourabh Bapna, Naveen  Vagrecha.

3.       Diwali Milan Program :

3.1   Team to handle event : Neha Karnawat, Punit Kawadia, Ankita Kawadiya

4.       Convener for various program selected :

4.1   Zonal Medical Convener – Dr. L.L Singhvi

4.2    Medhavi Chatr Yojna – Naveen and Meenal Ji Vagrecha

4.3   Medical Convener (Local) – Dr. Gautam Ranka

4.4   Career Counsling – Dr. Rajimati Surana

4.5   Spiritual Courses – Meena Babel

4.6   Minority Cell Convener – Dr. R.L Pitliya

5.       Meeting Attendees : Sourabh Chordia, Rakesh Sutriya, Sandeep Singhvi, Dr. R.L Pitliya, Dr. Gautam Ranka, Dr. Rajimati Surana, Sanyam Nenawati, Deepak Ranka, Ankit Kawadiya, Sourabh Bapna, Naveen Vagrecha, Vinod Pitliya, Siddharth Jain, Pankaj Ostwal, Ankur Bordiya, Puneet Kawadiya, Ankita Kawadiya, L.L Gandhi, Meenal Vagrecha, Apurva Pamecha, Sourabh Kawadiya, Sanjay Ranka, Sweety Nenawati, Meena Babel, Sunyana Ranka, Nishant Ranka, Alind Nenawati



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