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What matters All, ATTITUDE!!


What matters All, ATTITUDE!!

2 years, 5 months ago
Attitude is your Identity

Most of you think that the world recognizes you for your talent and capabilities; but in reality there is no other identity for you than your attitude. Success or failure is not a result of just your efforts and actions; it is a result of how you look at the world around you, and more importantly how you look at yourself.

Attitude is not a mask that you wear to show people that you are nice, kind and responsible. Attitude goes much deeper than your external behavior. Attitude is who you are at the deepest core of your being. The thoughts, feelings and emotions that resonate within your depth, which are hidden from the external world, is your attitude.

The greatest difficulty in managing your attitude and understanding it is that it is hidden from everybody; nobody can see your attitude. People can only see the results of your attitude which is generally called behavior. Most of you try to change your behavior, while completely forgetting all about your attitude.

Change in behavior is simply a change in response to the external environment. Change in attitude is a fundamental shift within you. For example, if people are finding it difficult to interact with you because you are too serious; adding a smile more often to your conversations is a behavioral change. When you search within yourself for the reason of your serious behavior and change your perspective of people to genuinely connect with them better; that is a shift in attitude.

As you can see, change in behavior is much easier when compared to change in attitude. An attitude change requires conscious and consistent effort over a period of time to look within, review and evaluate yourself critically, to make the necessary changes.

Be it in a formal interview or a casual conversation, in spite of you being at your possible behavior, if your attitude is flawed, people can always recognize it. In fact most behavioral evaluations have nothing to do with your behavior; they have everything to do with your attitude.

This is the reason why a lot of you fail and don’t even recognize the cause of your failure. You might have had a perfect conversation, or answered brilliantly in the interview, or prepared yourself thoroughly for the upcoming challenge, but have done nothing about the most important thing that matters – Your Attitude.

The test of behavior is when you are with people; the test of attitude is when you are with yourself. Observe yourself more closely when you are alone. Observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Reflect on the way you think and act. If you feel that something is not right about the way you are looking at things fundamentally; then make the change and continue to work at it till it becomes a natural habit. Remember, you are not your behavior; you are your attitude. Attitude is your only identity.
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