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TPF as I see is a platform of professionals of our Terapanth Community where we can give our separate expertise and inputs towards the development and prosperity of our Dharma Sangh along with towards the humanity as a whole. In absence of such Forum, we were lacking a reason to together for something good, we had been scattered with our small powers and wishes, which now we can use as a whole for something very terrific. Now let us all prove that apart being professionals we have something very important to serve to our Gurudev guided Dharma Sangh.
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I'm a career oriented professional with keen interest in our Dharma Sangh's prosperity. I'd been remained Sonyojika of Kanya Mandal, kathmandu before marriage. I'm banker currently in capacity of Compliance Officer, Sunrise Bank Ltd. since last 7 years.

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Currently in banking since last 7 years and have other experience of 5 more years in association of Chaudhary Group earlier to this.
Listening Gazals, making frens, traveling..........

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