Ritu Choraria (Jain)
Ritu Choraria (Jain)
Vice President, East Zone, TPF
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TPF, a professionally driven platform, bringing all the eminent intellectuals on a single stage for giving their best contribution for betterment of society
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Entrepreneurial and pro-active business skills
Excellent interpersonal skills - good communicator, leadership, high integrity, passionate team worker
Self-driven and self-reliant - sets aims and targets and leads by example
Believes in high integrity, diligent and conscientious - reliable and dependable
self-aware - always seeking to learn and grow and seeks new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition
financially astute - conversant with accounting systems and principles
good researcher - creative and methodical - probing and resourceful
sound planning and organizational capabilities
Strongly believe in honesty, ethical and socially aware

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The Institute Of Chartered Accountants of India
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Currently I am serving as Managing Director of the well known SR Group. SR is one of the India’s leading renewable energy developers, credited with more than 100 solar projects spanning 12 years. The group has its advisory footprints across the country and solar footprints primarily in the state of Chhattisgarh.

My forte areas are planning, conceptualization and innovations in Renewable Energy Sector specially solar sector shaping the energy future of India.

On academic front, I was always meritorious, begged the gold medal in graduate year and secured top position in the state and 43rd rank in the country in CA Final. I am the first lady chartered accountant of the region. My passion to save the environment drove me to complete the course in “Energy for Sustainable Development” offered by Lund University, Sweden. I started my carrier as a Financial Consultant in 1993; In 2003 I initiated my own company in the name of SR Corporate Consultant Private Limited for popularizing the RE technologies. Over the years I have gained impeccable knowledge of the sector. My area of expertise includes Biomass, Solar and Waste to energy. My zeal to provide access to the clean energy took me to the rural inaccessible villages where I tried to give my bit for improving the lives of millions of rural people.
My skills both technical and financial are the USP. Till now I have facilitated an investment of more than 200 million USD in RE sector; covering more than 1000 rural villages and developing 10MW Solar Projects both off-grid and on-grid.

+ 21 Years in Consulting and Project Management

1. Project Management
2. Renewable Energy
3. Compliance Audit
4. CDM, REC and Green Funding
Technical Skills
Planning, Designing and Detailed Engineering for Biomass Based and Solar PV Power projects
Handling and analysing large Database
Other Skills
Efficient Managerial Skills
Well versed with all most all computer software
Public Speaking
Motivational Skills
Writing and analyzing
Reading, Music, Painting, Cooking

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