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Upto 100% Scholarship Program

Scholarships are offered to deserving students to encourage them to take up higher education despite financial hardship.

An education initiative undertaken by TPF to provide 100% scholarship to meritorious and deserving students to enable them to make a difference to the society through the power and promise of education.

It is also a sincere appeal to all those parents who are having such academically bright resources to make them proud but who are feeling the guilt of not being able to support them in their long term need.

In the current scenario there is an urging need for the youths of our nations to be well equipped with necessary professional expertise to harness the economy. The academic success of our society is appreciable but there are lot to be done in this regard. That is the mandate of the Project called UDAAN where we are stepping ahead to provide 100% scholarship benefit to a promising talent whose career might come to a stop due to lack of adequate financial support.

A meritorious student be it of any society or from any geographical location from any interior or suburban areas of the nation can avail this scholarship.

Online Career Counseling

The interested students who are willing to avail the benefit of Career Counseling are taken through a comprehensive process of psychometric testing, sharing of counseling reports, group counseling and addressing career concerns and is carried out in three phases:

  • Psychometric Testing
  • Individual Counseling Report
  • Group Counseling Session

Procedure of Seat Allocation

  • Seat will be allotted to candidates according to availability in various courses
  • TPF will try to get your admission in your desired state, however it is subject to availability
  • According to rules of Institutes/colleges students might have to sit for admission test of the colleges and follow their rules & regulations for admission
  • University, Exam Fees and payment for other fees or expenses other than tuition fees may be borne by the student
  • Admission will be subject to personal interview and Group discussion and other regulation of the college/institute
Please Note: TPF decision will be final and binding on this program
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