Notice and Agenda of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting and of the TPF for the year 2014-15 shall be held on 21st day of August 2015 at 07:30 PM.


1. Invocation

2. Welcome speech by National President, Shri Salil Lodha.

3. Presentation of Minutes and adoption of the same with or without amendments by National Secretary, Shri Pankaj Ostwal.

4. Presentation of financial report and adoption of the same with or without amendments by National Treasurer

a) accounts up to 31.3.2015

5. To consider appointment of auditors and fixation of their remuneration for the year 2015-16.

6. Proceedings on Constitutional Amendments as per Anx-1 and as per SGM.

8. Report by Convenors on:

(a)Medhavi Yojna (b)ATM (c)Udaan (d)Commerce Study Centre (e)IAS study centre (f)Spiritual Courses (f)Website

9. Appointment/re-appointment of Office Bearers and National Executive Committee for term 2015-16.

11. Any other subject with the permission of chair.

12. Vote of Thanks by Joint Secretary, Shri Naveen Parekh.


Please attend the meeting positively.


Pankaj Ostwal

General Secretary













To be resolved that the Constitution is hereby proposed to be amended with the inclusion of following clauses in the existing document. The Proposed Clauses are worded as under:-


Amendment – 1

The National Executive Committee of the TPF shall be empowered to appoint Medical Trustees and Educational Trustees out of ‘Associates’ as per the term previously defined in the Constitution.


The said category of Trustees shall have the following Rights and Duties during their Office Term.

  1. Shall be permanent invitees to all Trust Board meetings and AGMs for a period of 3 years.

  2. Shall act as advisors and guides to the National Executive Committee.

  3. Shall perform any other activities as desired and empowered by the National Executive Committee.


Amendment – 2

Terapanth Professional Forum shall provide affiliation to desiring bodies on foreign soil subject to the following:

  1. Such bodies shall be recognized and hence forth be referred to as ‘Affiliate Organisation’ of TPF.

  2. The members of the said bodies on foreign soil shall be ‘Associates’ and should be ‘Professionals’ as per the definition of the Constitution of TPF.

  3. These bodies shall have a separate constitution. However if it is desired to have it done, the draft of the same shall be placed before the National Executive Committee and get it duly approved before being affected.

  4. All other matters like Membership Fees, Structure, Office Bearers shall be in accordance with their constitution and with the advisory of the National Executive Committee of the TPF.

  5. The Affiliate Branch shall in essence act as any other branch of TPF, however maintaining its separate legal entity as per the Laws governing the Land where it exist.

  6. The Branch President shall be elected as per constitution.

  7. In case of any Dispute whatsoever, the decision of The National Executive Committee shall be final and binding to all and the committee shall have rights to withdraw any affiliation.


Amendment – 3

Clause 22 under the head “Zonal Level Setup” in the Constitution of TPF stands hereby amended with the following addition:

  1. Additional Zone is hereby added which shall be in the name and style of “Overseas Zone”

  2. The said Zone shall consist of All ‘Affiliate organisation’ of the TPF on foreign soil.

  3. The Zonal President (Overseas Zone) shall be a permanent invitee to all meetings of TPF.

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